Bradford VCS Alliance (BVCSA) is seeking Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS) service providers in support of the Diabetes Prevention Programme across Bradford City and Districts CCG areas between April 2018 and March 2019. These Voluntary and Community Sector services are being commissioned by the CCGs, management is being provided by Bradford VCS Alliance.

This work is intended to reduce the number of people at risk of developing type 2 Diabetes. It is part of a wider programme of work across Bradford Districts and City CCG areas involving GP Practices, pharmacies, support partners of the National Diabetes Prevention Programme and other local services provided by the NHS and Local Authority.

This new initiative delivered by the Voluntary and Community Sector will introduce a wider range of interventions than have been available to date with the intention that this will support a broader range of people and communities at risk and introduce a more diverse range of interventions.

The services provided will fall into 2 categories:

  • Direct service provision to reduce individual risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes
  • A single point of access which will receive referrals from Health Care Professionals and direct individuals to the appropriate VCS service. This role will also coordinate promotion and publicity of the services to referring organisations, for example GP Practices

NOTE: Organisations interested in providing direct services will not also be able to provide the Single Point of Access.

General requirements

  • Delivery organisations must be from the Voluntary and Community Sector (not for profit)
  • Delivery organisations must be willing to work in collaboration with other VCS providers wherever possible
  • Delivery organisations must be able to demonstrate they have the necessary core quality and services standards, policies and procedures and comply with all organisational and service legal requirements
  • Interested parties must be able to attend all required planning meetings (see timeline)
  • Services must be ready to start work on the project from the week commencing 19th March 2018

Direct Service Provision

Voluntary and Community Service providers will offer a range of support which has been tailored to address improvements in diet, exercise and/or lifestyle. Some services will be tailored to particular communities including but not limited to people with learning disabilities or those from particular BME groups, especially South Asian and Afro-Caribbean backgrounds.

The type of support will range from 1-2-1 coaching utilising motivational tools and techniques, to group based sessions which might include peer support and exercise and physical activities. All interventions should set personalised, measurable and realistic goals for individuals equipping them with resources and motivation to sustain changes after the end of the programme.

Single Point of Access

Individuals will be referred to a single point of access into VCS services. This will be staffed by people expert in understanding need and in the range of services being provided as part of the VCS Diabetes Prevention Programme. They will match a person’s need to the appropriate service.

With support from Bradford VCS Alliance and the CCGs, this role will also encourage maximum uptake of VCS support by planning, creating and co ordinating publicity for VCS DPP services with referral organisations, especially GP practices.


  • Friday 9th February – Initial briefing and workshop meeting, 10:00am to 12:30pm at CNet
  • Monday 19th February – 11am – All interested services complete and submit Expression of Interest
  • Wednesday 21st February – Planning Workshop 1 for providers who have expressed an interest to agree delivery plan and provider group
  • Tuesday 6th March – Planning Workshop 2, for agreed providers to finalise delivery plan *
  • Week commencing 12th March – Delivery plan submitted to Panel for ratification *
  • Week commencing 19th March – Activities begin



The overall funding available for service provision is £260,000. Bradford VCS Alliance costs have already been deducted for the management of the project,  and related costs.

The funding will be shared between the Single Point of Access service and Direct Service Provision. Amounts allocated to each are to be agreed.

Conflicts of Interest

It is expected that the successful bidders will not be conflicted in any part of this work.


If your service is interested in finding out more, you should attend the briefing workshop on Friday 9th February 2018. Please register in advance for this event here:

IMPORTANT: Please ensure that any representative attending the workshop and subsequent meetings has the necessary seniority, knowledge and experience to understand the requirements of the work and implications on your resources, and to know realistically whether your service is a suitable delivery partner.

Further information

Further information and related documents can be found here:

Email the Bradford VCS Alliance at


Diabetes Prevention Supporting Documents